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The name Barbour, pronounced Barber, is taken from my middle name. Barbour was the last name of my great grandfather. Despite the fact that he passed before my birth, I am said to have embodied his spirit and mannerisms. Perhaps fittingly, his storied appreciation and love for properly executed marketing, design and branding live within me. As such, these appreciations have transformed into my commitments to my company and its clients.


Barbour Creative is owned and operated by myself James (Jim) Barbour Horinek. The company is the realization of a long held dream. After working in the design field for over 12 years and marketing for over 8 years, I found my accumulated skills and experience made the creation of my own company the next logical step.

Thanks to a wide range of experience and expertise the company is able to offer an extensive list of service options. Coupled with a personal and customized approach, Barbour Creative can address the varied marketing needs of companies large and small.

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